I started my nursing career in 2010 when I moved to Los Angeles from Portland, Oregon. Since entering the medical field, I have never been able to shake the feeling that something is missing.  I began to do my own research into nutrition, exercise, meditation and other alternative modalities that can help treat the entire person. I love health and am passionate about creating a life that is full of energy, vibrancy and love and want to help others do the same.  I chose to go into health coaching to share my accumulated knowledge and help others achieve healthy lives, healthy pregnancies, and healthy families.


I received my first degree from University of Oregon in 2008 in the field of psychology & human physiology with a minor in chemistry.  After spending a year trying to figure out what I wanted to do, I went back to school at Linfield College in Portland and received my BSN in nursing.  I have been working as a registered nurse in the field of reproductive endocrinology since 2011. While I loved the practice I worked for and had deep respect for the physicians I worked with, I always thought there was something lacking in the health care system overall.  Patients were treated with the latest medications and technical procedures, but care was compartmentalized to their labs and ultrasounds and never took in the whole picture. How was their stress level? What were they eating? How were they sleeping? Fundamental questions like these never came up and are not addressed in the traditional healthcare setting.  I was also shocked at the lack of information and knowledge women had about their own bodies and hormones. I felt there was a huge need for education and support for women experiencing not only fertility concerns, but a whole other list of symptoms we may have been told are just a normal part of our reproductive lives.

My desire to help women gain control and understanding of their health only strengthened when I went through my own fertility journey.  I was very aware I had PCOS and fast tracked to IVF when I was ready to get pregnant. I was fortunate to have my entire office to support me and was able to turn to my boss when things were difficult and was met with complete understanding.  Despite this support and my amazing husband, I still felt lonely. I still felt like there was something wrong with me and that no one truly understood. I cannot imagine doing this same process and for one reason or another not being able to tell coworkers, friends or family.  I felt the fertility journey was lacking a support system and I decided I wanted to provide that service to other women like me. I believe using wellness coaching to take care of the whole person, in combination with support and guidance, can change the fertility process making it a much more successful and peaceful experience.

- Whitney Street




Whitney was an incredible coach while I went through what could have been a very confusing process. She was through with her information and extremely patient and kind when helping me understand the process and what to expect. She was always available to address questions or concerns that came up and went above and beyond any healthcare professional I’ve ever worked with to make sure that I was comfortable with the process and information. She even made house calls to walk me through each and every step of the process. I cannot imagine going through any fertility treatments without Whitney’s patient guidance and loving support. 

  • Rachael, Los Angeles, CA

Whitney’s health training made all the difference for me. I am a mother and just had my third baby a few months ago. After each child it seems significantly harder to get my body, mind and health back to its regular state, so this last time I was looking for help. I met with Whitney to discuss my health history and goals and right away she had a detailed wellness plan for me. She specified the right foods to be eating (and not eating) gave me insight into how these foods would help my body and hormones become balanced again. Some things we all know we should do, but it is so helpful to have a professional explaining exactly why certain things help or hurt our bodies. It’s much more motivating to do something when you actually know why you’re doing it! She suggested vitamin supplements I could take to help with certain deficiencies I was feeling and I have never felt better. Lastly, she designed a very simple and gradual exercise plan to aid in my body’s recovery while getting me on the road to the harder exercises I had always done pre-pregnancy. I’m feeling like I’m in control of my health and know exactly what to do now to be the best version of myself thanks to Whitney. I highly recommend you contact her whether you’re looking to become educated on what you can do to help your body and health or if you have specific health concerns or goals she can help you exceed them!

  • Kelsey, Portland, OR



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