Get well. feel good.

I think our current health and nutrition landscape is very confusing.  Every week there is a new diet, new super food and new information bombarding us.  We are a society of convenience, quick fixes and life hacks. All the chemicals, antibiotics and hormones we receive through our food system play a major role in disrupting our health and own hormone cycles.  Not to mention, we are over worked and stressed out, leaving us even more depleted. This can cause a huge range of symptoms from anxiety and sleeplessness to diabetes and infertility. Wellness coaching can give you the tools you need to reset your body.  We will never live in a completely stress and chemical free environment, but you can still live a very happy and healthy life. Let me help you navigate the current wellness landscape and find the solution that works best for your body.


hi, i’m whitney.

I am not a doctor, I cannot promise to cure any disease, but I can promise to help you feel better and support you in your journey to find your optimal health.  I have spent years studying health to optimize performance in athletics and help me feel and think better. After becoming a nurse and going into the field of fertility, I became increasingly interested in women’s health and how our bodies work.  I have 7+ years of work experience in the field of reproductive endocrinology and personal experience going through difficulties conceiving. I know that navigating the world of fertility can be a lonely and scary time. I know that there can sometimes be an overwhelming amount of information to process and other times a complete lack of information.  


Let's Get Started.

The Centers for Disease Control estimate that by 2025, chronic diseases will affect nearly half the American population.  This does not include many problems that go undiagnosed or unreported and cause a decrease in one’s quality of life.  Our bodies can heal themselves when given the correct care. Why waste more time feeling lousy when you can make the choice to get back to optimal health?  All you have is now, not tomorrow, not next year. Make the decision to invest in yourself and get the support you need. I am here to support you on your journey.  Every person is different and needs a different level of healing and/or support.  Schedule your free call and we can find a plan that works for you.